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  • Underwater chamber for fish observation that go up the Seine
  • Lunch at Biotropica, the eco-responsible restaurant of the park
  • Guided tour of Biotropica, a zoo member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA)
  • Biotropica has 7 animal gardens

Normandy offers magnificent landscapes, places steeped in history, large green spaces, etc. Apart from these remarkable sites, the region has a fascinating regional heritage and industrial know-how.

Take a little break from your schedule and book this day of surprising discoveries with family, group, or friends. This rich programme of meetings and face-to-face meetings is sure to interest and entertain both adults and children.

At Poses in the Eure department, the Seinoscope, located near the dam is an observatory 235 meters long, built between 1878 and 1881, equipped with a room with three bay windows, below the water level, and a viewing chamber. This is the only viewing chamber on the Seine open to the public!

This base includes a fish pass, a device offering them the possibility of going up the Seine and passing the dam, which is the first obstacle on the Seine, so that they can reproduce in freshwater or simply live their life.

Two species of fish cross the dam: migrants who have sometimes travelled thousands of kilometers such as salmon, trout, lampreys, shad, eels or the most ordinary such as roach, barbel, bleak and bream.

The video-counting system set up in this room makes it possible to count the exact number of fish that migrate and to ensure scientific monitoring over the seasons.

In the company of a specialised animator, you will be able to observe, through the windows, the migration of fish from the river. You can also better understand the operation of this establishment or learn more about the fish of the Seine, thanks to the information panels.

You will continue with a guided tour of the Biotropica zoological greenhouse, located in Val-de-Reuil in the Seine valley, and the second most explored site in Eure. This ten-hectare park, created in 2012, ranked among the best in Normandy, welcomes many visitors every year and has many surprises in store for you!

In a lush green setting divided into several circuits, mixing tropical forest, Asian garden and African bush, you will discover many fantastic and unusual animal species with hair, feathers or scales. You will evolve in a true concentration of nature where the well-being and the preservation of the residents remain a great priority!

Every day, the park does everything it can to conserve endangered animals and all its energy to save endangered species such as the red panda, giant turtles, the Comodo dragon, the sloth, etc.

The animal reserve consists of an indoor course and a second outdoors. The gardens, waterfalls and vegetation offer a breathtaking view.

In the tropical greenhouse, you will meet rare species that you will not see in any other park, mole rats, Leopoldi rays, black fish with golden dots, elephant shrews, azure frog with blue skin, and Mississippi alligators.

Many aquariums are home to strange animals such as tiger catfish, endangered freshwater fish or the enormous arapaïma.

You will be able to admire, in the greenhouse of the birds, magnificent parrots, rainbow lorikeets that fly towards the public, pinched tamarins or emperors and small monkeys.

You will be amazed to see, in the enclosure of the African bush, free penguins, kangaroos, wallabies who are not afraid to approach visitors, meerkats or the Sudanese cheetah.

The famous red panda and the attractive dwarf otters blooming in the heart of the Asian Garden will amaze you! Your guide will lead you to the Pelican Lake where all kinds of birds hunt and roost.

The Children’s Farm where dwarf donkeys, mandarin ducks, owls, guinea pigs, turkeys, giant rabbits and many others roam freely will not fail to fascinate young and old alike!

Live a hectic and unique adventure


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Net prices are indicated per person and are inclusive of Taxes.
Each group is particular: the price is calculated with respect to the program, the town of departure, the participant numbers and the dates selected.
In a general way, a group is composed of at least 10 persons paying
Before any confirmation, an agreement will be signed between the two parts. It will detail all the services of the program over its duration.

Our programs are “tailored” and adapted specifically as per each request with or without transport.


Copyright: Biotropica, N. Drieux – OT Seine Eure (46), 27-lery.poses, M. Thierry


7:00am :

Departure by coach towards Normandy towards the Poses dam which was built between 1879 and 1885 and modernised several times.

8:30am :

Approximately, coffee break and pastries on the way.

10:00am :

You will be greeted by a specialist animator who will introduce you to the Seinoscope, the only viewing chamber in the Seine that welcomes the public.

The viewing chamber is located below water level, and among other things, it allows scientists to observe migrating fish in different seasons

12:00pm :

(Around) Lunch at the eco-responsible restaurant, the Ravenala in Biotropica.

On the menu, fresh, local, seasonal products from sustainable fishing, outdoor livestock and poultry farming. All the desserts are homemade and you will not find plastic or palm oil in them.

2:00pm :

Biotropica is a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums. In the company of your guide specialised in the field. You will discover the park and its residents, and moreover, you will be able to ask any question about the life and the habits of the animals.

4:30pm :

Departure from Biotropica