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  • The repair workshop, artistic profession as instruments of conservation
  • 13,000 square meters of space dedicated to aircraft repairs and reserves
  • While seated inside the planetarium, discovery of the starry sky under the guidance of a specialist

Explore the first most visited cultural establishment in the capital: the Air and Space Museum in Dugny (93), located in the Seine – Saint-Denis department in the Île-de-France region, just 10 minutes away from Paris. An unprecedented journey awaits you at the planetarium!

Located in the heart of Paris-Le Bourget airport, it remains one of the oldest aeronautical establishments of the civilian and military realm across the globe. This territory has a building, classified as a historic monument in 1994, as well as an incredible heritage combining aviation, aerostation and space.

You will discover astonishing industrial and economic know-how and understand how aircraft, especially those which have marked the history of aviation, are renovated. Your guide, a true enthusiast, will reveal the secrets of this aeronautical museum founded in 1919 and inaugurated in 1973.

The museum contains a collection of documents, works of art, materials from all over the world and engravings from the conquest of the sky and space by man. This cradle of commercial aviation, with Art Deco architecture, had the privilege of seeing aviation heroes, including Charles Lindbergh, Nungesser, Coli, etc.

This vast domain is divided into several zones. The Grande Galerie brings together models and drawings and a unique collection of engines, 18th and 19th century balloons, airships, hot-air balloon nacelles, etc.The Montgolfier brothers’ medallion (1783) is on display there.

Many reconstructions of 19th century flying machines are presented, such as the Massia-Biot glider, that of Otto Lilienthal and the Winged Barque of Jean-Marie Le Bris.

You will walk through the various halls: 1939-1945, prototypes, rotating cars, from the interwar period, the air pioneers, Normandie-Niemen and the room of 8 columns.

You will be able to admire the innumerable collections: the capsule of the Soyuz spacecraft, helicopters, fighter planes or even the Jaguar A91 of the first Gulf War. On the tarmac, you will have the pleasure of observing planes on static display and rockets, the Boeing 747, Ariane 1 and 5, as well as the A380.

As you continue your visit, you will see the technicians, mechanics and carpenters working for the rehabilitation of the aircraft and engine collections. This long-term work is carried out to preserve the memory of the site and to pass on this heritage and know-how to the younger generations.

This guided tour, open to young and old alike, allows you to conquer the skies from the flight of Icarus to Concorde.

A creative play area has been specially designed for children aged 6 to 12. They will take the controls from a cockpit. Flight simulators are also available for flight lessons. Rest assured parents can take advantage of these activities.

The museum houses the Planetarium, a mysterious place that mesmerises children and adults alike. It is a dome dedicated to the planetary and solar systems. Just be seated and let yourself be carried away by a navigation into the universe.

A specialist will show you the circumference of the sun and a few tips for locating the different stars and constellations. The projection room is equipped with a Zeiss Skymaster ZKP3 planetary gear. The documentary shown combines, at the delight of all visitors, magical images, starry skies, celestial jewels, clouds and the cosmos.

Apart from Venus, Mars, Jupiter which you already know, you will discover other extrasolar stars like 51 Pegasi b or 55 Cancri c.

At the end of the session, you will be spellbound by the Milky Way! Live this fabulous, absolutely fantastic astronomical and cultural adventure.


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© Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace – Aéroport de Paris-Le Bourget / Tania Rieu, Vincent Pandellé, Frédéric Cabeza


10 am

Departure by coach to the Dugny repair workshop located next to the historic civil airport of Paris at Le Bourget, which is now dedicated to business aviation. The classic aircraft repair and reserve site covers an area of ​​13,000 square meters, accommodating more than 250 aircrafts that are preserved or awaiting restoration. You will also discover various aviation-related collections such as paintings, prints and outfits.

You will be greeted by your expert guide, who will emphatically present the work carried out in the workshops, whose main missions are the conservation of equipment as collections and to pass on the know-how of the aeronautical realm to younger generations.

12:00pm :


2:00pm :

Presentation of the planetarium, while you are comfortably seated in an armchair. You will continue your day in the company of an animator, who will introduce you to our fascinating constellation.

3:00pm :

Departure from the space museum.