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  • Visit of a local French cider house and beer brewer
  • Walk aboard a steam train in Beauvaisis
  • 3-course lunch and drinks and afternoon tea
  • Handcrafted French wicker basketry

Cider enthusiast or not, the guided tour of the cider house located at Milly Sur Therain in the Oise department (60), in the Hauts-de-France region near Beauvais takes you into a unique world.

It all started in 1955 when Gérard Maeyaert, apple presser, moved to Milly-Sur-Thérain, a Picardy village, and started making cider. In 1985 Eric, his son joined the company, developed the activity and produced new products such as more refined ciders and perries, beers, lemonades, aperitifs and fruit juices.

Eric Maeyaert died in 2011 and in 2012 the ROUQUETTE family bought the company which was struggling. The investment, the commitment and the will of Adrien ROUQUETTE, director, have enabled the company to rise again.

Adrien ROUQUETTE was keen to preserve the fame acquired by his predecessors and to preserve the values ​​and the richness of the know-how of yesteryear. The former Maeyaert cider house became the Milly breweries and cider houses (BCM).

This guided tour helps you understand ancestral manufacturing techniques and learn about the history of apple and pear pressing. This historic site has been able to diversify thanks to the elaboration by cellar masters and brewers of “Rebelle” beer, 100% pure juice “Les vergers de Milly” with varied flavours or the famous “Angeline” lemonade prepared from natural aromas of lemon and crystal sugar.

BCM has also obtained several medals at the International Agricultural Show for its exceptional beverages and has forged a real reputation by designing a large variety of high-quality ciders and perry, as well as white, blond and amber beers.

This particular place to the northwest of Beauvais remains a must to satisfy your curiosity, answer your questions or refine your knowledge.


Beauvaisis aboard a steam train

Take a seat aboard a steam train classified as a Historic Monument in Crèvecœur-le-Grand (60) and let yourself be carried away by this atypical adventure.

The Museum of Steam Trams and French Secondary Railways (MTVS), helped by volunteers, built a new metric track and restored the railway line that linked Amiens to Saint-Omer.

You are offered an atypical walk between Crevecoeur-le-Grand and Rotangy! Installed on a wooden bench, you will be able to discover how our ancestors moved onboard this tortillard. A real pleasure for young and old alike!

With a speed not exceeding 20 km/h, on a 3.5 km track, you will have time to contemplate the landscape of the Beauvaisis countryside and observe the train maneuver in Rotangy station.

The railway workers tell you the story of these machines that they love so much! The steam locomotive dating from 1898 gives the impression of stepping back in time.

Apart from this steam train, Crevecoeur-Le-Grand has basketwork which is worth the detour.

A visit to the basketry workshop reveals the art of working with natural flexible stems, including French wicker. You will meet a craftsman-basket maker who makes with talent, dexterity and patience all kinds of baskets, baskets, decorative objects …

This specialist shares his passion with you. From the wicker strand to the finished product, he explains the braiding processes and answers all your questions. An informative and extremely interesting exchange with this artist who works to ensure that this rural and artisanal profession continues.

Book now this fascinating day that you can experience with family, group or friends!

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10:00am :

A day at the heart of local Picardy life in Milly sur Thérain

Local production since 1955, Gérard Maeyaert, already very expert in the field of cider, created in Milly-Sur-Thérain in the heart of Picardy, an artisanal cider house which still bears his name. Since then, the company has diversified and manufactures beer in the name of “Rebelle”, juices “Les vergers de Milly”, not to mention the lemonade “Angeline”.

For about 1h30, you will be able to appreciate the different stages of the production which delivers one of the most popular drinks in the world.

12:00pm :

Lunch in a restaurant, 3-course menu and drinks

3:00pm :

Cross Le Beauvaisis aboard a steam train

We meet you at Crèvecœur-le-Grand for a ride aboard a steam train, a tortillard that crosses the Beauvaisis countryside.

Live or relive the atmosphere of the past with the help of railway workers who will never stop talking and anecdotes about these machines that are still so much loved and pampered.

Visit of a basketry workshop in Crèvecœur-le-Grand

The day will continue with a visit to a basket maker who makes all kinds of baskets by working with French wicker.

A snack will be served after the visit

5:30pm :

End of our services.