Guided tour of Île Saint-Louis in Paris

Show tour of the Marais and guided tour of Île Saint-Louis

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  • Show tour of the Marais
  • Discovery of the famous Place des Vosges

Visit of Île Saint-Louis in Paris 

Enjoy the unique experience of a show tour of the Marais as well as a guided tour of Île Saint-Louis in Paris.

An essential place to discover in Paris, the popularity of the Marais is no longer a secret. Its many assets make this district both historic, romantic and trendy. Located in the 4th district of Paris, its architecture and cobblestones give it a village-like feel. However, the Marais remains one of the best areas to have fun, shop and quench all your gourmet desires.

The Marais district has many facets, but it owes its historical richness to its architecture and its buildings. From private mansions dating from the 17th century to old houses, passing by the remarkable Town Hall, masterpieces stand in every street corner in its surroundings. Note also the Place des Vosges which is the oldest square in Paris and in which house number 6 was the residence of the famous Victor Hugo between 1832 and 1848.

Le Marais is also known for its many small trendy shops. There are major brands but also boutiques of talented designers. This popular district is an ideal place for shopping, within all budget ranges.

A former Jewish quarter, the Marais is also known for offering the best falafels in Paris. There are also many Yiddish bakeries with many specialities and sweet delights. Some great renowned pastry chefs have also settled in the village to delight the taste buds of all lovers of sweet pleasures and passers-by.

The Marais ( Parisian District) 

The Marais is also very popular for its image as a cultural district with the essential George Pompidou Center and its various museums. It also catches the attention of visitors through its markets for fresh and local produce, but also through the authenticity of its shopping streets, lined with antique shops and second-hand shops of all kinds.

Throughout the year, the atmosphere reigns in the trendy bars of the Marais. In addition, this area has become emblematic for the gay community since the 1980s, through its clubs and restaurants. The Marais has many attributes that make its neighbourhood full of life and pleasant surprises.

It is in the same arrondissement, a few minutes from the Marais, that we discover the smallest of the Parisian islands. Located in the heart of Paris, Île Saint-Louis stands out for its history and its magnificent mansions. It has conserved the treasures of its architecture for many years and thus offers its visitors a timeless stroll.

With its area of ​​11 hectares, Île Saint-Louis has only 8 streets and 4 docks, on which strolling is very pleasant.

Île Saint-Louis has one of the most beautiful churches in the capital: the Church of Saint-Louis-en-Île.

Despite being less reputed than its famous neighbour, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris, its history is nonetheless of great historical richness. This baroque-style church was built in 1726 for King Louis IX. The elements that make up this edifice are objects and masterpieces of inestimable value.

Come and visit the most fashionable and cosmopolitan districts of the capital: Le Marais and Île Saint-Louis in Paris. Book your getaway to these legendary places now.

We offer you a complete and unique tour. You will be able to discover and stroll in all serenity in the most beautiful places of the capital.

All you need to know about the Marais:


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7:00am :

Departure by coach towards the centre of Paris

10:00am :

(Around) You will be driven to the gates of the oldest district of Paris. From there, you will meet the actors in their respective roles as a learned archivist, a mysterious magician as well as a tragic actress with a prodigious destiny, and start your exploration through time. 1h30 of secrets, surprises and mysteries in good humour and poetry awaits you.

It is in the village of Saint Paul that the visit will begin, from the hotel of the archbishops of Sens, a flamboyant 15th-century Gothic style monument, to the oldest square in Paris, the famous Place des Vosges listed as a historical monument, and which was also called Place Royale till the early 1800s.

12:00pm :

(Around) Lunch in a restaurant in the Marais district or on Île Saint Louis

2:00pm :

(Around) You will continue the day through another emblematic district. Ile Saint Louis, which originally formed two islets, Ile aux Vaches and Ile Notre Dame. Accompanied by your specialist guide, the group will head out on foot for a guided presentation of Saint Louis Island, the history of mansions. The island owes its name to Louis IX, canonized in 1297 under the name of Saint Louis of France.

You will end the visit by approaching the cathedral to appreciate the evolution of the work.

Vous terminerez la visite en approchant la cathédrale pour apprécier l’évolution des travaux.

5:00pm :

(Environ) Departure by coach